What we do

Our background

Afanite is a Dublin-based organisation that helps non-profits become more commercially oriented and helps for-profit companies achieve their social goals. The company also provides broader consulting services to both non-profit and for-profit companies.

Born out of a passion for social enterprise, Afanite has first hand experience of the tremendous impact of effective relationships between the for-profit and non-profit worlds in both Ireland and the US.

Afanite's overarching ambition is to connect the for-profit and non-profit worlds in a way that harnesses the interests of parties from all sides. It identifies areas and opportunities for organisations to meet the requirements of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  But it also goes far beyond 'baseline' CSR,  and is dedicated to helping organisations maximise their social goals.

Afanite and Non-profits

By working with non-profits to ensure they are every bit as competitive and ambitious as their for-profit counterparts, Afanite helps non-profits combine social and commercial skills to achieve their social aims.  

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Afanite and For-profits

Afanite also draws on its experience of the non-profit world to bring focus to the social activities in for-profit companies. Companies typically want to find a way to give back, but frequently need help to ensure that both the for-profit giver and the non-profit receiver get the most out of the relationship.  In addition Afanite also provides broader consulting services to for-profits, including start-up and established companies. 

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Our approach

Afanite combines its passion for social enterprise with traditional business skills of focus, capability and ambition to allow organisations to make meaningful long term impacts within the community.

  • Focus – Afanite provides clarity as to your activities, enhancing social impact
  • Capability – Afanite gives you the tools you need - and the contacts and avenues necessary to deliver on your social goals
  • Ambition – Afanite helps you set the bar high, but also with a healthy dose of reality as to what's achievable. 

Afanite’s experience includes a deep understanding of best practice as it relates to Social Enterprise, formed through learnings from a network of Irish and US for- and non-profit companies.