welcome to afanite

bridging the gap between commercial, social and public sectors.

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Focus. Capability. Ambition.


Taking its name from a fine-grained rock - the constituent minerals of which cannot be seen with the naked eye - Afanite's goal is to seamlessly bridge the for-profit, non-profit and public worlds in order to maximise social impact and harness the interests of parties from all sides. Born out of a passion for social enterprise, Afanite has first hand experience of the tremendous impact of effective relationships between the commercial, social and public sectors in both Ireland and the US.


what we do

Afanite Services - Strategy


Clear strategic process ranging from full strategic reviews to specific initiatives.  Clarity, plans and priorities.

Start Up & Scale

Working with teams who have ambition to scale their business or bring new products and services to market.  

Afanite Services - Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Inform, shape and help implement your corporate social responsibility strategy and objectives.

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Project Management

We engage with organisations looking to solve a problem, enact change or deliver results.

Afanite Services - Mergers & Collaboration

Mergers & Collaboration

Guidance and execution of merger and strategic collaboration processes - with particular focus on non-profits.

Afanite Services - Secondments


In addition to short term projects we support organisations seeking to fill interim roles or insource activities.

our clients include